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18 January 2012

Best Apps for Hacking WiFi (iPhone / iPad / iTouch / Mac / Windows / Android / Nokia / Linux)

  1. Reaver Pro
    Get the New Reaver Pro II. Hack WPA/WPA2/WEP WPS Enabled Networks Easily! Get the second chance deal for $100 or get an ALFA AWUS036H for $19.99! using the code OPENSOURCE promo!  Click Here!.

Security researchers have identified some wireless routers of having default passwords derived from a routers MAC address (e.g D8:3A:32:28:21:72) or SSID (network name). Read this to learn more. To determine what vendor the WiFi network is on, you can lookup the MAC address here or download the MAC address lookup app.

Now, If you are serious about security auditing and hacking WiFi, the iPhone is a poor choice of technology. Some of you might want to become advanced and improve your success rate with a good WiFi hacking long-range setup through your computer with Beini or BackTrack. However, it still is very possible with an iPhone and there are a number of freely available apps in Cydia (if you don't have your iDevice jailbroken, look in the right hand pane of this page and enter your iDevice information in the 'Jailbreak Wizard' to see how jailbreak) and iTunes that are able to recover these passwords. If you have Cydia, you should add BigBoss and xSellize repos and type in 'SSID' to get most of the apps listed below.

This will not work if the default password has been changed. My success rate of gaining entry into a compatible router is ~65%. The comparison table gives you an idea how the apps compare side-by-side:

Table 1: Best iDevice WiFi Hacking Apps

MAC Shown
Signal Strength
Network Scan
Connect in App

* Can be downloaded for free via appcake or apptrackr, still requires a jailbreak, afc2add and AppSync from Cydia.

** Can be downloaded for free via xSellize repo in Cydia.
There are a few more available in iTunes, but they have an ugly GUI or in a foreign language:

Universal WPA Finder $0.99
WiFi WPA $1.99 
WPA Inspector $1.99  
HAG WPA Finder $0.99

You can also search the app store for any WiFi related app (if it is not showing to your right, temporarily disable adblock). Suggested search terms: wifi, wep, wpa, ssid, network.

iWep Pro
The developer over at iWazDev has created the best, feature packed and most expensive (or free if you decide to download it from a repo that hosts cracked apps) WiFi auditing tool out there. It is also the most difficult to setup as you are required to download 12 iWep Pro dictionaries in Cydia (2004 to 2011) for offline use.

Installation Instructions
If you do not want to spend the hefty price tag, you can download the latest 5.0.1 or 4.1.3 HERE

1. Dictionary Downloads (Download them all)

iWep PRO Dictionary for BTHomeHub Routers:
iWep PRO Dictionary for Thomson Based Routers:
Password to download the files is: dishingtech

New iWazowski Cydia Repo
There is a new temporary repo if the links above do not work:

Dictionaries are DEB files, and have to be installed just like all other DEBs (using iFile or via MobileTerminal / SSH) or downloading them from the iWazowski repo: They extract as speedSHA1dic files.

Check out the video below on how to install it or use the written instructions.

2. Upload the files to your device
First, you have to know where you want the .deb files (e.g /var/mobile/Media/Downloads) and upload the files on to your device. Best to use the easier method.

3. Install iWep Pro & Dictionaries

Easiest Method

  1. Install iFile from Cydia
  2. Download iFunboxCyberduck or iExplorer (or install afc2add and openSSH in Cydia)
  3. Download desired (.debs) files (if you haven't yet) to your desktop
  4. Run one of the apps and connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad usb cable
  5. The program will show your device contents, Now navigate to any folder for example: var/mobile/Documents (if you can't access the root directory, download afc2add in Cydia)
  6. Move (.deb) files from your desktop to var/mobile/Documents
  7. Run iFile from your iOS, and navigate to the same folder i.e. var/mobile/Documents
  8. Click on (.deb) file and select install one by one until you install all the required dictionaries
Alternative Installation Method

1. Start Cydia, go to 'Search', type 'Mobile Terminal' and install it (if you haven't yet). Be aware that there are different versions for different iOSs.
2. Repeat step 1 for 'OpenSSH'
3. Start 'MobileTerminal'
4. Type the following:
• su root  (press return)
• alpine  (press return)

Install iWep Pro and the Dictionaries through Mobile Terminal e.g. type:

dpkg -i /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/iWep Pro 4.1.3.deb (Note you can rename the.deb files e.g 1.deb which will make it quicker to install) and do that with the rest of the files you downloaded.

When you install the files and you Finish with Result Code 256 error message?

It means you made a mess of installations. You have previously tried to install the app. Basically it already exists and there’s a conflict, and hence dpkg throws you an error because it cannot rewrite it. 

How to fix? 
The best way to fix this problem is to completely uninstall and remove all previous instances of the app. That means uninstalling via Cydia and also going in and manually removing the app files if necessary from the iWep Pro folder. You could also try the following commands: dpkg --force-depends -i thenameofthefile.deb to install and dpkg --force-depends -r nameofpackage to remove.

If you finish with with Result Code 512 error message?
It means that the file/s are in use. Probably Cydia is running, try closing Cydia in the background and try installing again.

Try again and success means you end up with result code 0.

4. Open the App
Note: You must be connected to WiFi, 3G or EDGE to activate your licence. iPad and iTouch users will need WiFi or 3G.

Activating Your Licence in 4.1.3
1. Open iWEP Pro app
2. Click top-right corner "i" button
3. Click "Validate application"
4. Enter 3 or more letters or numbers in "PayPal Transaction ID"
5. Tap "Validate License" 

Activate Your Licence in 5 & 5.0.1
1. Open iWEP Pro app
2. Tap on "Settings" tab
3. Tap on "Register application"
4. Enter at least 3 letters/numbers into "PayPal Code" field
5. Tap on "Validate" button

Using the App
The MAC address is shown during the network scan, signal strength is shown and you can also connect and test the password through the app. Another good thing is that he offers a trial which is ad supported. Here is a list of supported networks. Do any of these look familiar?

Table 2: Supported Networks


iWep Pro Network Scan
Manual Lookup

2 WPA Tester
The only iTunes app that made the cut supports a similar large range of networks as iWep Pro but functionality is quite limited with manual input of network names (SSID). The app is a little misleading in the description as it states a whole host of networks that this app supports. But ISPs do not stick to one router model or vendor, they have a variety. So, as an example, if you have a Verizon router, chances are that it is not supported. Supported Networks:

Australia BigPond
U.S. Verizon
U.K. BTHomeHub, Sky
Italy Alice, Fastweb, InfostradaWiFi, TeleTù, Tele2
Portugal Vodafone, Meo, Sapo, Zon
Ireland Eircom
France Bbox
Greece OTEnet
Cyprus Cyta
Many Countries Huawei, Dlink, Tecom, Discus, WLAN, D-LINK, WIRELESS, O2Wireless, Thomson, SpeedTouch, privat, DMAX, Orange

This app is only good for Thomson based routers that usually have a combination ending of six capital letters and numbers XXXXXX. It supports offline mode, network scanning and you will have to download the rainbow tables in order to use it.

This is not an app but an actual online tool that can be accessed on any computer. It is worthy of bookmark status on your phone and your computer. Again, this is only good for Thomson / SpeedTouch based routers and it works just as good as iWep Pro for hacking SpeedTouch / Thomson routers. MD5This also has something very similar.

Web based Thomson SSID lookup found three keys

From the same developer as iWep Pro, this is only good for Thomson / SpeedTouch based routers and the fwssid app is also good for Fastweb routers. You will have to manually input the XXXXXX part of the SSID and a button will pop up, allowing you to copy the password to your device.

SpeedSSID found two keys

Table 3: Supported Networks


This has the same GUI / function as the SpeedSSID app and it claims to be able to generate network keys from Dlink routers. I have not had any success with this app so I cannot comment on its effectiveness. Probably because Dlink put out so many different models out each year. However, it is from a reputable developer and I am hoping to find out from anyone who was able to get this app to work.

This app is good for Eircom routers with the distinctive XXXX XXXX after the name which are used extensively in Ireland. Same GUI as the above, however unlike the others, you are able to scan for networks and view a google map of every router that has been sniffed. 

Pinned locations of routers, many more now
8 Others Currently Under Development
iWep Pro 5 will likely be out soon, with a more refined UI (check out the screenshots) and hopefully better cracking features. They are certainly ones to watch. Another one to watch out for is ST Keys for iOS.

9 Other Tools
There is an interesting app available in Cydia called WiFi Pass (BigBoss repo). It logs any WiFi password you type into your phone and displays it in the app. There is also an iTunes app called Passmule that has the default administrator passwords of many vendors and models. I managed to get into this network by doing so.  

Passmule in action
Keep in mind that these passwords would only be of use accessing the router settings and not the actual WiFi network itself. 

10 Network Sniffers Free WiFi Locations

Stumblers such as WiFi Where, WiFiFoFum and WiFi Analyzer can be really helpful. You should have at least one in your toolkit. They show information such as MAC addresses, IP addresses, encryption, free WiFi hotspots, router vendors and help in determining which networks are within range.

My favourite is WiFi Where because it is great for wardriving, warcycling and warwalking. You can ignore certain networks, such as WPA, WPA2, open, adhoc and out of range networks from showing. The app also has the ability to filter network strength and location accuracy. 

WiFi Where Screenshots
Hotspot Details

More Settings
The best part of WiFi where is that you can export information via email into a spreadsheet file and create your own map showing networks around your neighbourhood because it logs latitude and longitude. I created the following map below in Google Fusion Tables. Check it out, zoom and click on the dots for cool information :)

11 Beware
iDevices have limited processing power and hardware to be able to brute-force attack WEP / WPA Wi-Fi networks. Any app that claims to do this (e.g. iWifihack, WEPGen, Ch0ry and Wi-Fi Joker), is lying and wasting your time (by making you do surveys) and possibly stealing your money. Aircrack-ng the popular Linux / Backtrack suite of penetration testing has been ported to the iPhone as a proof of concept. However, it is a hardware limitation where the iDevices WiFi card cannot inject or collect packets. Therefore it doesn't work!

If you tried all of the above apps and you were unsuccessful and if you have a computer and willing to spend some money. I suggest you check out my other videos to show you how it is done through essential hardware as well as through using powerful software such as BackTrack and Beini virtual machines (VM).  

Video of Some of these Tools in Action

12 Other Devices
There have been a number of apps developed for other operating systems and devices that work in a similar fashion. There are even operating systems based on Linux, including: Xiaopan OS (Free), WiFiway, Krackeraki (Free) and BackTrack (Free), Reaver Pro (Great for hacking WPA/WPA2 WPS Networks). These were packaged and developed specifically for hacking. 
Did you also know you can run virtually any operating system within another operating system? e.g. run Windows XP in Windows 7 or Beini in Mac). It is simply done through virtualisation software like Parallels, VMware or VirtualBox.
There is an app called STKeys 4. Haven't tried it but looks promising. You have to contact the developer to downloaded it which is a bit strange, (The developer has noticed a significant amount of traffic from this post and has explained his reasoning why. Can't wait to test it out) it looks amazing but I guess it might be still in beta? Someone let me know if it works. They also have one for iPhones and other iDevices called STKeys for iOS and it is available through Cydia. The list of compatible vendors and ISPs are:
• Thomson
• SpeedTouch
• Orange
• MEO (Currently not supported) • Bouygues
• Tunisia Top Net
Check out my review and checkout the video:
Unlike any of the other apps mentioned, this can perform brute force attacks on WPA / WPA2 networks with a dictionary attack. Outdated and only a number of wireless cards are compatible. It works well and it is free! You can even connect a bluetooth GPS and map the networks around you. iWep Pro for iOS

From the guy who brought you iWep Pro for iDevices is bringing it to Mac.


There are quite a few 'apps' or people who use Windows like to call 'software' that can hack wifi networks through packet injection and dictionary attacks. Software such as coWPAtty and aircrack-ng for Windows (quite difficult to install) do work, but require compatible wifi card.

STKeys has been around for awhile and works, not very refined in the visual sense, but has worked in the past for BTHomeHub and Thomson routers. Now there is a GUI version 2.0. You can download it here for Windows.
Here is a simple list that can recover WiFi passwords using your Android device, ranked by the number of stars and to a lesser extent, downloads:
• WiFi Test Auditor (4 Stars)
• WPA Recovery for Thomson (3.6 Stars)
• Free Zone WiFi (4.3 Stars) An honourable mention as it maps out over 1.5 million free wifi hotspots around the world
• WiFi Key Recovery (4.2 Stars) Similar to WiFi Pass mentioned above
I never would have thought that a smartphone could brute force crack WiFi networks but it is apparently so. Cleven can hack WPS / WPA / WPA 2 / WEP through aircrack-ng GUI and Reaver through an n900.
Reaver is the latest hacking tool designed to hack wifi by throwing WPS pins at the network you are trying to get into. WPA / WPA2 Networks used to be the hardest to crack because you needed a large dictionary for the attempt. If someone had a complex or non dictionary password it could take months, years or possibly never to get into the network. Now they are easily hacked and there is no need for a dictionary attack. 
This can be run in Windows (via VM + Live), Mac (VM) and Linux (via VM + Live). The whole process can take 3 - 10 hours and you can save the progress if needed and try again at a later time.
Click Here to Download Reaver Pro GUI, Better than Inflator


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    Yes, unsupported networks cannot be hacked with the app. However, WPA/2 (WPS) and WEP can be hacked with Beini and Reaver in a Virtual Machine environment on your computer.

  10. Just because you have a BigPondXXXXXX does not mean that a password can be generated. As I said on my website, 65% is my success rate. I suggest that you try Nikki Kusters website to see if any passwords can be generated that iWep Pro can't. If that online tool cannot, iWep Pro cannot. If you walk around GC streets you will find many BigPondXXXXXX, only 65% you are able to get into because a) they changed the default password b) the router is too new and the algorithm has not been cracked c) there is no XXXXXX in the dictionary files d) you too far away from the network to be able to maintain or initially connect to a network (timeouts).

    BigPondXXXX are not hackable with iWep Pro as they use a different vendor. You can look up the vendor if I remember correctly with WiFi Analyser.

    iWep Pro is the best, and the other apps work in similar fashion.  

    *Note, I have never been able to hack a Dlink network with iWep Pro

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