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16 January 2012

Enable Hidden Realtek Wireless Utility Advanced Settings (Mac)

I got myself a brand new ALFA AWUS036NHR device as it supports 802.11n networks and it has the new Realtek 8188RU chipset. Had a look in the package contents of the .app, trying to change the TX power as I would like to get longer range.

I did not find a way to change the country code (regulatory domain) but I found that it is possible to get more settings out of the utility. You should turn the utility off before you mess around the app otherwise it will crash. A similar process can be done in Windows I have been told. The version I am using is 1.9.7.

Step 1: Navigate to the utility and right click show package contents

Step 2: Go to Contents/Resources/English.Iproj/InfoPlist.strings and open it up with your favourite text editor

Step 3: You can enable "1" or disable "0" each of these variables, then save the .strings file

/* Localized versions of Info.plist keys */
CFBundleName = "Wireless Network Utility";
CFBundleShortVersionString = "Version 1.9.7 (2011/11/11)";
CFBundleGetInfoString = "Wireless Network Utility version 1.9.7 Copyright 2011.";
NSHumanReadableCopyright = "Copyright 2011.";
DriverName = "RTL8192CU";

/* "1"=Enable , "0"=Disable */
Adhoc_WPA_Enable = "1"; 

//LinkStatus Page 
LinkSpeed_SHOW = "1";
HTinfo_SHOW = "1";

//Advance Page
Advance_Page_SHOW = "1";
WirelessMode_SHOW = "1";
ChannelPlan_SHOW = "1";
Fragment_SHOW = "1";
RTS_SHOW = "1";
PreambleMode_SHOW = "1";
QOSMode_SHOW = "1";
PSPXLinkMode_SHOW = "1";

//WPS Page
WPS_Page_SHOW = "1";

Step 4: Open the Wireless Network Utility. Go to the advanced tab and you will see that you will have more settings

Obviously, some settings will not work for your wireless card, but I found the channel plan options handy.


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