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19 March 2012

SOLVED! Beini Wireless Card Not Found

Ok, I have noticed some of you having issues with Beini finding your WiFi device. First, try the latest version 1.2.5 or Xiaopan OS (works better). I had the same issue. Normally it is one of two things. Check out the tabled list here, if your device is not there it is highly unlikely that it will work and look at the changelog!

2. Is your computer using your WiFi card?
Now, if your Mac or PC is using your WiFi card, Parallels, Virtualbox and VMware might have trouble unloading it from your computer. You will have to disable the drivers from your host machine. I.e. Your mac or pc in order to get it to work in Beini's virtual environment.

This is what happened with my Ralink RT3070. Don't be lazy and delete the plist associated with your card, because it did not work. I had to remove all traces of the driver from my Mac using the uninstaller that came with the software.

Also another handy tip is to enable the card before you bootup Beini. After it boots to the home screen be patient, after 1 min you can then open feeding bottle or minidwep-gtk.

Try An Alternative System
If you want something that works like Beini and is much better try Xiaopan OS, it even has Reaver Inflator :)

Another option is to try to download Beini 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3 (note that this was built for users of rtl8188ru devices only) if version 1.2.5 still does not work for you. Or you can download my BackTrack 5 R2 Parallels image for your Mac or PC that also has the same and many more features (e.g. latest device drivers, better GUI, inflator) compared to Beini.


  1. Hi Adrian,

    Does your version of BackTrack has a .iso extension? Because I want to make it boot from CD, like how I used to do with beini.

    I have no experience in using BackTrack but I have been using beini for more than a year. Beini seems to be easier for begineer.
    But now I'm giving a try to BackTrack because I heard that BackTrack has more advantage than beini, for example BackTrack can save the progress of cracking using reaver and resume it later.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. No, it is .pvm. I did use the iso to install it in a hard drive so to speak. Try using XiaoPan it has reaver GUI and you can safe (suspend if you use Parallels, not sure about VMware), made a post about it recently where you can download it and see that it works

  3. Thanks for the quick reply, downloaded XiaoPan and will give it a try later.

  4. hi, i use alfa awus36h with RT3070, minidwep-gtk reconize the card but
    when i scan i've got no AP as result, but under windows there are some
    APs. help plz !!!

  5. what steps have you taken to resolve the issue? what system are you using? virtual machine or USB boot? try unplugging it in and plugging it back in.

  6. Hello!

    I posted this question that I have an RT8188 RU and also mac built in card plus an other Atheros AR5007 and no luck with any of these...
    I am really pissed now as I bought the best Alfa on the market... and here you go best and newest one=doesnt seems to be supported!
    Any idea?
    Should I try uninstall my drivers? As mentioned somewhere?
    Please help how do I do that I am new on Mac!

  7. Relax, hope is not lost. Please head over to where we can help you. Both those cards are supported and they should work. Submit a support form as we need more detailed information. I think you should give Xiaopan OS a go :)

  8. @AdrianWoo:disqus using rtl8188ru with live usb. the problem is that it is way too slow in catching the data, i was about 1 meter away from the AP and yet it shows low signal strength. it is faster when i use my internal wifi card. anyway to fix or tweak it to make it faster?

  9. i'm using a belkin n300 wireless usb adapter and it doesn't recognize it
    please help, i'm going on vacation and need internet for a school project

  10. Hello! I really enjoy your work and forums, but i have a problem and i need your help:

    I bought Alfa AWUS036nhr it's working out of the box plug and play in BT5r3, except for some issues like, increasing the TX power, and sometimes it doesn't see the clients of the access points, also i notice that the power of my AP which is right next to my laptop "iPhone working as an AP" varies from -65 up to -90" which is a very low signal! Is there a fix for that? what is the best driver for this device?

  11. Hello dears ! I am really pissed off , I have bought TP-Link wifi router model TL-WN8200ND ( , it works very nice in receiving networks but it is not compatible with Beini an Xiopan , I have a Dell RX-280 Desktop computer that does not have built in Wi-Fi adapter , I have tried all version of Beini and Xiopan , but when I click on (minidwep-gtk) button , it gives error that no wireless card found , I even tried in VMware but it didn't worked.

    Can anyone please help me how to make my beini detect my external Wi-Fi Adapter?

    thanks :

    Engineer Rasool

  12. i have an asus wl167g v3 usb adaptor, and i tried live cd method using beini 1.2.3 but it says No Wireless card found, Same problem when i tried with 1.2.5 and xiaopan OS. Pls Help.

  13. hi i am little confused that can i have to hack WiFi by simple my laptop adapter or should i by external one for hacking , because i tried alto but its not finding my WiFi card , i have dell 1521


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