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04 May 2012

Best Mac Apps for Students | 2012

1 Introduction

Students at school, colleges and universities who use Macs are very fortunate to have a number of apps that simply make learning and later, professional working life much easier. It is a good idea to invest some time searching for apps (you should spend 10 minutes on this page identifying what will be good for you) before you start your course, but if you missed the boat, so to speak, it is never too late.

2 The List

The list below is subdivided into categories with most of these apps being free and all being free if you look in the right, some people might say wrong places.

Each app has a description (with links to how it works videos) and links under the icons to the developers and download sites. Also each link opens up in a new tab.

3 Web Apps

There are a number of websites that provide students with an array of tools that can be accessed on your web browser. Soon, I will create a list of the Best Web Apps for Students and place a link to it here.

4 Other Apps

There are apps that you simply cannot get on a Mac without installing Windows either through bootcamp, running wine or using virtualisation software. See: Section 26.

For Windows users who would like to make the switch to the Mac environment, you can run Mac OS X through virtualisation as well or even create a Hackintosh.

5 Productivity

These apps help you find and arrange pretty much anything on your Mac in the quickest ways and with the least headaches as possible. Sure you might only save a few seconds with each task, but those seconds add up.


Alfred is a ridiculously fast file finder, web searcher, app and action launcher. There is a reason why this app is first on the list because I use this app like it is apart of Mac OS X itself. I have used it 15,432 times at an average 34.6 times a day, simply by pushing the Alfred hotkey (command + .). The app is free but I recommend using the paid Powerpack to get more out of it.


Don't you love Windows 7 for being able to snap windows to one side of the screen to the other? Well Moom allows you to do this so none of your windows overlap and you can maximise the use of your screen particularly if it is quite large. You can set windows onto a grid so the windows are where you want them without clumsily dragging and dropping.


Divvy is similar to Moom and great at snaping workspaces side to side. For instance you might want to browse the internet on the left side of the screen and type on the right with Word. Now with MacOS X Lion we have multiple 'desktops' or spaces as some people call them, but some might find working with Divvy much easier. 

This app is good to put all your assignments or tasks that are required during the semester. Takes a bit of setting up but you will know exactly when assignments are due and how important they are. You can also add notes, links to files, colour coordinate and sync with DropBox which would be handy for group assignments. Another benefit is that it is cross platform with Android, iDevices and soon to be Windows.

6 Word Processing

Basic word processing can be done on a Mac with Textedit but for students who like to create richly formatted, spellchecked and dynamic documents you will have to spend a little money. Although OpenOffice is quite good and is a good free alternative to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word



7 Document Management


8 PDF Managers

Adobe Acrobat Pro


 9 Reference & Referencing Management

10 Publishing

11 Internet Browsing

 12 Maths

13 Spreedsheet

14 Presentations

 15 Graphics

 16 Project / Group Management & Collaboration

 17 Email Management

18 Communication

19 Meetings & Important Dates

20 Recording

Snapz Pro X

21 Remembering & Revising


22 Language Learning

23 Maintenance

24 Security

25 Backup

26 Run Windows on Mac

I have created a very useful page called The Best Places to Find Mac apps. Gives you a run down on sources of the cheapest apps, as well as help you find the latest, free, rare and expensive paid apps for free. 
A word of warning. Apps listed on the App Store are only a small sample of what is on offer for Mac. Also note that some app developers have higher prices for the same app on on the App Store and cheaper on their website. Always do a price comparison if you want the best discount or cheapest app. You can do this by visiting their website, google and for big discounts, check out mupromo. Also you might be lucky to see on DishingTech ads which sometimes link to great deals. 
List of the Best Mac Apps | 2012

Don't agree with the listing or feel that an app deserves to be on the list? Discus below.


  1. Thanx. Looks like I'm using a biggest part of it.

    I've discovered for me ConceptDraw Office Suite ( - a Visio alternative for mac users and its MindMap tool which collaborates with EverNote.


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