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06 May 2012

Best Websites & Places to Download Mac Apps

To find the best apps for Mac requires some searching on your part. Here is a great list to get you started. It is essential to keep your apps, widgets, preference panes and plugins updated so you should download AppFresh which makes updating a piece of cake. The official Mac App Store App is an obvious one to start off with but it has quite a limited repository of apps. If I was restricted to downloading just from this place I would make the switch to Windows. You also need the following requirements:

• Mac OS X v10.6.6 +
• If you have 10.6 to 10.6.5. Update by clicking the apple icon top left of screen then click software update and an Apple ID. A few words of warning. As stated previously, apps listed on the App Store are only a small sample of what is on offer for Mac. Also note that some app developers have higher prices for the same app on on the App Store and cheaper on their website. Always do a price comparison if you want the best discount or cheapest app. You can do this by visiting their website, google and for big discounts, check out mupromo. Also look at the ads above and to the right -> of this page which sometimes link to great deals.


One of my favourite sources of apps. They list all of the new mac software as well as the latest updates. You can sort the list by day, view the most popular apps and more importantly, has a review and rating system from users so you can get an idea if the app is good or not so good. Also when you look at a an app there is a list just above the first comment that shows similar software that you could use.

App Donkey

AppDonkey is great, it lists over 1,295 apps and they are all free. One of the cool features is that you can search, then pick the apps and download them all at once.


AlternativeTo is awesome, you can filter by licence (e.g. freeware, commercial) as well as platform (e.g. Mac, PC, Android). Really easy to navigate and you can view apps that have the most likes, are the most recent and the most views. The categories are great and you can compare the alternative ranking. E.g. Google Drive vs Dropbox.


Google should be on the list, but many people do not know how to use Google effectively through the use of Boolean operators. You can also narrow the search to change the time (left hand pane) which will show only results that were published online within the timeframe you specify. 

Download Paid Apps For Free

This is not exactly legal, but you are pretty safe if you would like to go down this path. Most of these apps you will find here will be compressed as ZIP or RAR files which will require an app like UnRarX to extract the contents. Also if you download from a torrent site, you will need a torrent client such as Transmission.

Also note that some sites (e.g. Pirate Bay and Virgin Media) will be blocked by your country or your internet service provider (ISP). Don't get all upset. There is a way around this through using a VPN. This is one of the three most effective ways the Chinese or people in China can access Facebook!

The following is a list of sources that I highly trust (with one exception being google at times) and have had no problems with. Lastly, beware of Mac malware and trojans. Always update your apps and Mac OS (use AppFresh as stated previously), run a firewall (or use Little Snitch) and to be extra safe, you could get some sort of anti virus program such as Sophos to get that extra layer of protection. Oh, and do not create or log into unsecured WiFi networks as people can 'listen' and do extra nasty things to you and your Mac.

Lastly, when you signup to any potential dodgy website, don't use your banking password to register. Create unique a unique one as these details can be sold to spammers or hackers. To help with this, use 1Password.

Macserialjunkie (MSJ)

MSJ are an underground forum based group that are fairly secretive and do not like media attention. They are one of the best sources for direct downloads of Mac exclusive apps and are normally the ones to go to when you want to request a paid app for free or wanting to download the latest cracked version of a particular app for instance. 

You will have to signup and signin to view the forums. They in force strict rules on those who make posts (but most of the time there are very good reasons) In saying that it is a useful and active community.

MechoDownload is another forum based group but are quite relaxed and open to the public. Extremely active community they host pretty much anything from movies to Mac, Linux and Windows apps.

 KickAssTorrents (Kat) Currently Down

Kat is an amazing torrent website. Although, not as big as Isohunt or the Pirate Bay it beats them in terms of features and search times. There is also a large, active and friendly community of users that puts the other torrent websites to shame and is what makes me keep coming back. They also have verified uploads / users to inform users that they are not at risk of downloading something nasty. 

Oh, If you are looking for the best Mac torrent client, get Transmission :).


The name says it all (but they also have other torrents such as music and movies), although it is not the best website to look at or navigate there are some good app listings there updated daily.


Demonoid is one of the first torrent sites and was the biggest until IsoHunt and Pirate Bay took over. Advanced search features will help you track down that app that you are looking for. If anyone wants a referral invite share this page on facebook, then contact me :)


KCNScrew is an actual app for Mac OS X that lists a whole bunch of apps serial numbers  as well as APE patches that you can use to bypass trial / time activations and register them as fully registered working apps. They release a new latest release every month on the 15th. You can find them on MSJ and among other sites. An alternative to KCNScrew is SerialBox.

ISOHUNT Currently Down

IsoHunt is one of the largest sources of Mac apps. I rarely use IsoHunt as they can be a lot of fake torrents. But when you are one of the largest torrent websites in the world, sometimes you need to filter through the poop.

Appked is a small resource of direct download links to some of the best apps that are available on Mac. 


When googling for 'these' types of apps it is a good idea to add the following to your search terms to improve your search results:

• Mac OS X
• MAS (stands for Mac Apple Store)
• K'ed
• [K]
• Intel [K]
• Serial
• Licence
• Torrent
• Core
• Keygen

Sometimes when you can't find the app you are looking for you need to refine your search:

• Do an advanced or site search (example)
• Google results within a site only: e.g. Parallels Desktop site:
• Use Boolean Operators also
• Add file hosts to your search term (e.g. mediafire, 4shared, 2wire)
• Add the version number of the app you want to refine the results
• Narrow it down to search results within the last week, month or year


  1. hei there! this is really a great post. It's realy hard usually to find good informative write up about stuff like this, i'll come back for sure checking your new stuf!
    I've also been searching for a invite to demonoid, and i've liked/shared this goodness on FB! how can i contact you for the invite? Thx a lot cheers! ;)

  2. whoa faster than light!! thx a lot really for your kind invite! :)
    And in honor to my ominous name i'll be using this on the board too X)
    see you around and keep up the good work! cheers!
    The ominous interplanetarian invader

  3. Hello. Great stuff here! Thanks for the work you put in. I got a lot of info on the torrent sites from you that I will indeed use. I'm pretty new to Apple, about a year using, and I love their product. If you could can you please send the invite to demonoid. I hope you're still doing that and I also posted this on FB. My e-mail is in my profile. Hope to here from you soon. Thanks again.

  4. is a good alternative to MSJ.

  5. There are many search engines where you can browse mac apps like for example.


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