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03 May 2012

How to Download / Install WPSCrackGUI on BackTrack or Ubuntu

WPSCrackGUI is based on Reaver and it is one of the easiest GUI packages to hack on Linux, it is also the nicest looking. Through this package you can active monitor mode on your WiFi card and scan for networks using:

• Wash (WPS networks only)
• WPSpy (WPS networks only)
• WPScan (WPS networks only)
• Airodump-ng (All encryption types)

You also have the option to change / spoof your MAC address through the app as well specify a specific channel and SSID. Download this deb (password is dishingtechand place it on your desktop in BackTrack or Ubuntu system. Then in terminal type:

cd Desktop (push enter)
dpkg -i '/root/Desktop/wpscrackgui_1.1.7-1_airubuntu.deb' (push enter)

After you have installed it, you will find the file in ~root/usr/bin/WPSCrackGUI.gambas. I suggest that you make a shortcut desktop icon so it is easily accessible. Alternatively you can install it by searching the Symantec Package Manager for WPSCrackGUI and installing it that way. If you have BackTrack DishingTech Edition, it is already installed for you.

Check out more information though the developer ARG-Wireless and if you are wanting to install this on another linux based system or looking for updates, there are builds specific on Sourceforge.

Another good thing is that you can access the session files within the app, check to see if WPS is active on the WPA / WPA2 network and another of other features that I cannot understand as the app does not fully translate into other languages completely. Speaking of which....

Why is it not in English?
One issue is that it is not in English by default. You can change the language by clicking on your keyboard:

Ctrl + Shift + E for Spanish
Ctrl + Shift + I for English
Ctrl + Shift + F for French

Or use your mouse and click languages on the menu.


  1. hello  i  am  new in this  can  you  explain  to  me  how  can  i  download  and  run  WPSCRACKGUI 1.0.9  in  wifiway. i  downloaded  it  but  i  dont  know  how  to  run the command.  thank  you

  2. I have never used wifiway. 1.0.9 WPSCrackGUI is quite old. Guess you need to find where you installed it. Probably have to look for this file WPSCrackGUI.gambas or contact ARG-Wireless.

  3. How to add this WPSCrackGUI to XiaoPan or Beini? It's a deb file format so I don't know what to do with it.
    Or is there any GUI alternative for inflator that can be added to XiaoPan or Beini?

  4. as far as I know, no. Be interesting to convert a deb to a tcz or tce file. Not sure how it is done. Perhaps it is as easy as changing the extension? I wish.

  5. Hmm.. Still looking for answer in the forum.

    By the way the download links you provided for the reaver 1.4( is in tcz format, but in the official website( it's in tar format.
    How do you managed to get the tcz file?

  6. Sorry for the bad link
    this is what I mean:

  7. Can't remember where I got the file from. You can install via Synaptic Package Manager if you find the source from reaver@googlecode Here is a deb for inflator, note you must install Reaver first.

  8. Okay thanks for the help!

  9.  Errors were encountered while processing:

     i install it on bt5r2

     can u help me with this?

  10.  Well, I am not sure what you did or how you did it. Need more info from you to help you. 

  11. Well, I am not sure what you did or how you did it. Need more info from you to help you. 

  12. i just installed it using the command provided above but it ended errors as i mentioned.Also cant install it  using  Synaptic.any idea?

  13. can you install anything? This article might help you fix it: This file has been downloaded over 643 times so I think this is an error at your end.

  14. everything ok except wpscrackgui.ok i will try. Thanks.

  15. please  how  can  i  download  
    BackTrack DishingTech Edition?  please  is  there  any  link  where  i  can  download  it.

  16. hello omodazzle, 

    They have moved here: 1st on the list and the links are inside the thread. However, I took you to the forum as you might be interested in other systems such as Reaver Pro :) You will need an account to signin. It is our new way of trying to contain leaks that spread everywhere as people have been harvesting our content

  17.  You might need gambas2-gb-desktop installed first


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