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13 May 2012

How to Install Reaver Pro

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Reaver Pro comes with a USB thumb drive preloaded with all the software to get you started. It contains a operating system which I suspect is some sort of Linux build and of course all the reaver tools. You have a few options to install Reaver Pro: Boot from the Reaver Pro USB.

1. Plug in your USB stick
2. Plug in your Reaver Pro receiver
3. Restart or reboot your Windows or Linux computer
4. Access your BIOS settings to change the boot devices and the order in which they boot from. You need to boot to USB first before your hard disk with your native operating system.

• To access your BIOS you generally have to push a function key such as F1 or F2

5. Save your settings then reboot your BIOS
6. After Reaver GUI boots you will be able to plug and play

Run Reaver Pro GUI in Virtual Machine (VM) Environment in your Native Operating System
This enables Reaver Pro to be fully compatible with Mac and Windows. You will need some sort of virtualisation software like Parallels (paid), VMware (paid) or VirtualBox (free). You will also need to copy the files from your Reaver Pro USB and use Plop Boot Manager (plbpt.iso) to create an iso image file which you can boot into.

The downside of running a VM is that your system resources will be shared between your native OS, Reaver OS and the VM software you are running. This is the only option on a Mac because they have EFI boot. Do not bother trying to boot Reaver via USB.


  1. plz can you show me how to install reaver pro in backtrack 5 r3 gnome or in vmware and thnx in advence

  2. Whenever I install and pause, when i come back my data has all gone...

  3. awsssome post. thanks for sharing such a usefull content.... :) keep it up


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