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29 May 2012

STKeys for Mac Review

It is not everyday as a blogger you get an email from a CEO of a company stating that there has been a significant amount of traffic coming from my blog (gotta love Google Analytics), specifically the Best Apps for Hacking WiFi (iPhone / iPad / iTouch / Mac / Windows / Android / Nokia / Linux) article. 

He elaborated on his apps and kindly pointed out a few errors: 
My Apps are optimized versions of the original STKeys also with a nice GUI… and they're called STKeys (not ST Keys). They work it almost every Thomson based router out there.
He also asked how I was, stated that I have some really well written articles (blush) about hacking and that I should contact him (which I will shortly). He was also kindly provided a download link to his software and his Cydia repository which was previously available only by request (probably tired of all those emails he has been getting from my visitors). 

Please check out iKlive Networks services and STKeys for Mac and iOS.

STKeys 4.1.1 | 8.5MB

I have tested the mac version out and it works quite well (It made me all warm and fuzzy inside thanks to the intro music and sexy GUI). You can even run a scan on your interfaces and enter the SSID manually. If you have any issues you can leave feedback here.

You might need to manually type in the XXXXX part because it could not identify BigPondXXXXXX as being a Thomson network. If you found another compatible equipments please report it to iKlive Networks. Here is the video:

Whats STKeys? 
STKeys is an application, based on a powerful algorithm, that can recover SpeedTouch or Thomson routers wireless keys, by knowing it's network name. The first SpeedTouch, Thomson, Orange, MEO, Bouygues or Tunisia Top Net key recovery app for Mac!

What equipment is compatible with STKeys?

For now, is confirmed that STKeys is compatible with the following ISPs and Routers:

• Thomson
• SpeedTouch
• Orange
• Bouygues
• Tunisia Top Net

In fact, this app is compatible with all equipments that have been developed by Thomson because most of them share the same algorithm. 

Who developed STKeys?
Kevin Devine
• First idea
• Algorithm development

Special thanks to Kevin Devine for creating great wireless tools like Aircrack-ng and discovering the STKeys algorithm.

Tadeu Bento
• Graphical User Interface
• Mac programming

Nuno Khan
• Algorithm update for 2010+ support

What is iKlive Networks (from their website)
iKlive Networks is an organization mostly composed of "free time" programmers and computer enthusiasts who daily give their best to bring new and useful services/software to the world.

This is little community with limited computer resources and still short in members, devoted to the "free time" software development, tech innovation, security vulnerability exploitation and last but not least knowledge and information sharing.


  1. This two apps are grab both OSX and iOS versions. iKlive Networks is for me one of the best examples of companies that develop software/services as they primary market and at the same time give back to the community new and free resources.

  2. how and where I can download this?!


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