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16 June 2012

06.15.00 Downgrade & GPS Fix For All 3GS & 3G Users

Update: it has been released: True GPS and Baseband Downgrade Now available via Redsn0w: See hereThis page was in anticipation of the Sunday Release. Latest Redsn0w is not available but this page is designed to get people ready for the downgrade. There will be a new version of Redsn0w (NOR fix) released on the 28th of June if you are having issues with the downgrade and followed the steps below, read hereFinally the wait is nearly over, MuscleNerd is about to release his downgrade option for those who are on the notorious baseband 06.15.00 that ruined the GPS and made them unstable with loss of signal / reception and wifi. Anyway, we will let you know asap when it is released and how to do it.

Not only will this fix the GPS but it will make your device look like it was never jailbroken or unofficially unlocked. It will also make your iPhone warranty valid and not void, or at least not so bleeding obvious you jailbreak'ed it by installing an iPad baseband. 

So when will it be released? Sunday most likely (17/06/2012 or 18/06/2012). MuscleNerd lives in Los Angeles and the time there is now:

This will also enable you to get your phone officially unlocked through your carrier, possibly for free, which will mean you will not need to install Ultrasn0w.

Any 3G / 3GS (old [note you can use fuzzyband for old bootroom] and new bootroms) above 05.13.04 can be temporarily and safely updated to 06.15 BB for the purpose of downgrading to the official 05.13.04.

Step 1: Download the latest Redsn0w for windows or mac (not available yet)
Step 2: Download your correct IPSW for your device and version (latest: 5.1.1)
Step 3: Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes for your system, if not:

Download iTunes 10.6.3 (64 bit Win) 
Download iTunes 10.6.3 (32 bit Win)
Download iTunes 10.6.3 (32 / 64 bit Mac)

Step 4: Open up Redsn0w and click Extras > Custom IPSW

Step 5: Navigate to where you downloaded the IPSW
Step 6: Plug your iPhone into your computer via USB
Step 7: Open iTunes
Step 8: Right click on your device in the left hand pane and click backup
Step 9: Jailbreak (follow the helpful instructions in Redsn0w)
Step 10: Open iTunes, go to summary > version
Step 11: Click the Restore button through: Alt + Click, and navigate to the custom IPSW you created.
Step 12: Downgrade the baseband in Redsn0w
Step 13: Restore from Backup in iTunes
Step 14: Setup your Jailbroken iPhone once again :)

Note: If you are upgrading to a higher version of iOS, open up Cydia's home page to ensure that your SHSH blobs are listed in green at the top of the page

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Tiny Umbrella
Absinthe (Mac + Win + Linux)

DFU Mode

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  1. How to fix no signal or no sim installed issue from my iPhone 3GS 5.1.1 (9b206) ? I updated it through iTunes then jail broke through red snow but when I checked the carrier it show that it is not available..can you help me with this?

  2. Thanks penguin! This totally works^^,


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