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07 July 2012

Reaver Pro Download & Review

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I finally managed to get my hands on the Reaver Pro software and initial speculations that it was running Linux were correct. Ubuntu 10.04 to be in-fact. I used Parallels Desktop for virtualisation and it worked quite well. It took a few minutes to boot but when it did it entered the Reaver Pro GUI. It is a web interface which surprises me and it uses the Firefox broswer. I had no problem with my RTL8187L device and it was able to scan for networks and crack pins. I was able to access the Ubuntu desktop by clicking alt+F9 to minimise the window. It has a bunch of other software installed which is not really needed. Openoffice is one example of something that is not needed. 

At 958mb it is quite a large download and it can't even fit onto a CD. I reckon I will be able to shave off 500mb from the ISO so it can fit onto a CD as well as being a smaller download.

One of the best things I have discovered is that you do not need to buy the Reaver Pro Kit which costs $99.00. It is also compatible with other cards such as the AR9285 Internal devices.

There are no expert options in the web interface. There is simply a play, pause and stop button. Nonetheless, it is possible to use command line reaver from terminal to tweak settings for better performance as well as to diagnose any errors with the -vv flag.

Summing up, if I bought the kit I would be extremely annoyed because the cost is so high. Sure it is easier for beginners to use it but command line is always better as you are able to learn more and tweak those settings. So depending on who you are and what you want Reaver Pro may or may not be what you are looking for. Some people state that Reaver Pro is better than the open source software. I think it is the same thing and the Pro is having a placebo effect on customers.

Think about this before you download and waste your time:

There is nothing pro about Reaver Pro. It is purely for beginners and your best bet for a Pro version would be to use command line reaver or tinker with expert settings wrapped in a GUI called Inflator which you can find here. If you don't have the hardware, buy a compatible ALFA AWUS036H or AWUS036NHA device online and save yourself the money.

If you still want it, you can Download Reaver Pro here, We also offer good technical support if you need it. This is my video review, enjoy:

Reaver Pro Doing it's Thing

Reaver Pro History

Reaver Pro Survey

Reaver Pro Desktop


  1. reaver pro starts like in the first video .than i have a white screan.what can i do?

  2. You might have to initiate it. Have you had a chance to look at this post? what card do you have? need further support or want to ask more questions please use Reaver Pro Thread:

  3. thanks for the review. Been using Reaver 1.4 with command line and it works great. After reading your review, I don't think i'll be using Reaver Pro. I like my command line better..

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  5. How do you update the software in reaver pro?

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