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15 July 2012

Xiaopan 0.4.3 | Kick Ass Edition

Finally Xiaopan 0.4.3 will be released with Firefox and Pidgin. Get ready! Signup to Xiaopan Forums if you haven't already. Visit and when the time runs out, click the countdown timer to be taken to the download (registered users only). Get in quick as we will be providing a fast dropbox direct link which expires after 500 downloads and an alternative slower and torrent link afterwards.

Check out the video to see our new exciting features, Enjoy :)

What's New
This version is a major step up from the previous version. A completely new graphical user interface that aims to please both users who use it live and througvirtualisationAs always this is cross platform Windows / Mac / Linux and works well via Live CD or USB. Xiaopan 0.4.3 Beta | 120mb, Codename: 'Little Monster':

Xiaopan OS 0.4.3 Fresh New Desktop

With this version our main aim was not just to create an OS packed with wireless penetration tools. A major issue with previous versions is that they had nothing else to add value to the user experience. So we have included other packages for those who will use this live so they can multitask:

AIM | Bonjour | Gadu-Gadu | Google Talk | Groupwise | ICQ | IRC | MSN | MXit | MySpace | SILC | SIMPLE | Sametime | XMPP (in. Facebook) | Yahoo! | Zephyr

Multi Messenger Client Support

Internet Browser Support

Flash Support: This will allow you to visit Youtube and watch videos, which would be great for looking at tutorials or simply checking out that latest funny video.

Install Apps You Need

Text Editor: Great for when you need to copy and paste text from say firefox to terminal.

Multiple Desktops: As a way of keeping the clutter down you have 4 virtual desktops to choose from. So you could have Minidwep going on the 1st desktop, a game in the 2nd, checking out Xiaopan Forums on the 3rd and copying text into the editor in the 4th.

Games: Yes, we have added some games, so when you are trying to crack with Reaver for 5hrs you have something else you can do except watch those progress lines. :D

Music Player: Listen to your favourite music while you do what you do. You will have to add the music by adding it to the ISO which may significantly increase the size of it.

Wallpaper: We have a new cool looking logo for Xiaopan OS, behind the design has some meaning.

Windows Management: Changed the TCL wallpaper with our newly designed and winner of the Xiaopan OS Logo competition.

LXDE Version: We also have an LXDE version on its way which looks even more amazing, hopefully that will be released in a week or so as well.
LXDE Desktop

Beta Testing & Release Information
This is a beta release so understand that there are some issues that need fixing before we can release this to our members. Please be patient during this time.

This is why we are releasing this early to VIP members as a way of keeping the download contained as well as being able to receive valuable feedback and report bugs. I will also ask you VIPs to not share the download links with others and ignore / report personal requests for the download.

Please report bugs and suggest improvements in the [VIP] Xiaopan OS 0.4.3 Beta | Download Available thread.

Credits Go To forums:
:tired hazz death for dedicating hours upon ours of entirely developing this release on his own for you guys.
:idea Fantasma for providing valuable feedback, troubleshooting and testing.
:hitler Mr. Penguin for dictating them through the process and writing this review.

Check This Out

Release Date for All Members
We are hoping to release this to everyone in a week but this is a loose estimation and could vary wildly. Please be patient.

Known Issues
• Flash only working for youtube and no sound. (Will be asking SneekyLinux for help).
• Boot is slow or appears to be slow compared to other versions, this is because we are loading more in the Core from startup.

How to Connect to Facebook via Pidgin? Click Here
How to Make Flash Work? Click Here

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