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03 April 2013


There is a new website offering free samples to people who signup. Only problem it is very socialcentric (e.g: you get points for liking, sharing on facebook, twitter etc) and hard to obtain samples as it is the first ones that get the plunder. Currently I can get one sample per day. Yay.

Subscribing to sample alerts which is actually a newsletter does not work.

You can rely on their facebook updates or hit the refresh button on your browser but why waste your time? by that time it is too late.

Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow get an update when the PINCHme homepage gets updated with new samples?

This does not work anymore! 4/4/2012

It can be done with a website called: Essentially what it does is sends you an update via email when the page well um changes :)

So if you do not have IMAP setup on your phone to get emails pushed to your device immediately I suggest you do that. Or at least download Chrome and get gmail and get the little Gmail Chrome store addon for your PC.

I wasn't the first one to think of this. I was actually no. 8. It tells you on the changedetection website. 

Another minor hack to get points is to share products via email. You do not actually have to send the email. Just click the button and you will be given 200 points.

Have fun my fellow Pincherinos. Don't go all irrational on their facebook page saying oh why don't you send us an email with new samples... oh it wouldn't matter anyway, I only check my emails a few times a day... oh I wish they told us when they will release a sample.

Oh and it seems the pinchme Facebook fan page deleted my comment about this little post. How rude!


  1. I saw the link to this on the facebook page before it got deleted. Very good idea! I signed up for it, but it says that the site hasn't been changed for like a week, so does that mean it didn't send out an email for yesterdays samples? I didn't get to try it out today, since they didn't release samples!

  2. Well this officially doesn't work. It's been 2 weeks and it has not alerted me once.

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  5. Just waiting for new updates, i think the latest one is a beta version.

  6. hi .. that was 2 years ago :) Interesting to see this. Anyway, I don't want help with the software, I was wanting the physical keyboard that is sold in those countries. In case you arent familiar, just like there are different layouts in the OS, there are different physical layouts for the languages/countries

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